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Winter tyres are much tougher than summer/ normal tyres. They are made from rubber with a higher silica content where the tread pattern is designed to stay flexible in lower temperatures. They also provide a much better braking and handling performance on the snow and ice as well as on wet roads in the colder conditions. It is recommended not to use winter tyres all-year round as the summer/ normal tyres will perform better in the dry and warmer conditions.

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Whatever type of tyre you have fitted to your car they must have enough tread (including the spare) - at least 3mm is recommended for the winter. Also, don't be tempted to drop the pressure in your tyres when there is snow and ice on the ground as it does not help with grip and can affect your car's handling.

For more information regarding winter tyres and the offer we have available contact our Burrows Mazda dealership and speak to a member of our Aftersales team.

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